CatalogSorachim supplies Thermostable Enzymes and the key Biochemicals used for liquid stable reagent manufacturing.

ProductsAll specifications of our products are available for download in PDF format.
Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS) are available on request.

Since nearly 40 years, Sorachim provides raw material and technical support to diagnostic reagent producers all around the world.

We can supply Thermostable Enzymes and all the key chemicals used for reagent manufacturing.
In our portfolio you will find a wide range of very high quality products such as:

Contact Our R&D team is always available in order to help our customers to set-up the reagents they want to produce and also to help them to solve any problem they could face during the production.
Our only goal: to be YOUR PARTNER more than a single supplier.

We hope to get in touch soon with you and kindly ask you to drop any comments or enquiry in the contact form. You can also call us: +41 21 64 64 640.

Our multilingual team will be glad to answer you promptly.

Afaq QUALITY is our priority: all our products are carefully selected and tested to be sure they comply with our high quality requirements.
As a standard quality procedure, we do test our enzymes and chemicals by formulating ourselves all the classical diagnostic reagents.

Sorachim is ISO 9001:2015 certified by AFNOR Certification and dedicates time and outmost attention to the quality of the Enzymes and critical raw materials to ensure a reliable and efficient production of the reagents by our customers.